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CalFire Forest Health Grants

The Colusa County RCD currently has 2 Forest Health Grants through CalFire.


The Upper Little Stony Post Ranch Fire Restoration Project (Forest Health 19):

In 2018 the Ranch Fire destroyed much of the Mendocino National Forest within Colusa County. In 2019 the CCRCD was awarded CalFire Forest Health funds for reforestation and fuels management to restore the forest on private land within the Goat Mountain area of the Mendocino National Forest. We have been working closely with the Upper Little Stony Inholders Alliance to complete site preparation treatments for replanting mixed conifer species like Douglas Fir, Incense Cedar, Ponderosa Pine, and Sugar Pine. Site preparation treatments included mastication, tree felling, mechanical thinning, piling, herbicide treatment, and pile burning. We have recently conducted a survey of tree survivability from our replanting treatment and are working on reporting and telling the story of post-fire restoration. We are in the final stages of this project and will be working to close out the project by Spring of 2025.


The Goat Mountain Forest Infrastructure Improvements for Fire Resiliency Project (Forest Health 21):

In 2021 the Colusa County RCD was awarded an additional CalFire Forest Health Grant to continue fuels management on both private and federal land within the Mendocino National Forest in the forms of pest management and fuel breaks along access roads as well as Forest Service roads. Treatments for this project include fuels reduction and piling, felling of pest (Bark Beetles) infested trees, removal of invasive trees like Knob Cone Pine, thinning of hardwoods like Black Oaks, pile burning, replanting, and hardening of fuel break infrastructure to facilitate future prescribed burning. This project  will also be closed out by  Spring of 2025. 


Funding for these projects is provided by the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection's Forest Health Program as part of California Climate Investments Program.



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