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Gearing up for the Community Wildfire Portection Plan 04.02.2019

Colusa County has received grant funding to facilitate the development of a Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP).  The plan will cover all privately-owned lands within the western portion of the county. The CCRCD believe having a relevant, community-developed CWPP can prevent damaging wildfires, protect life and property and restore wildfire impacted area to maintain ecosystem health, services and public safety.  The indicators of success will be the coming together of local professionals and the public to successfully complete a plan that will identify and prioritize wildfire hazards and provide specific corrective and preventative actions for the community to take.  These actions include community-wide fire safety education events, putting in fuel breaks and creating defensible space around homes.

The next step is to form a Steering Committee.  This committee will meet on a regular basis looking into developing a Fire Safe Council or join an existing FSC, identify wildfire hazards, and create an action plan to reduce chance of or damage from wildfire.  This plan will enable the community to receive future government funding for project implementation and practices that reduce fire risk.

Please contact Liz Harper at the Colusa County Resource Conservation District if you are interested in participating on the Steering Committee at or call 530-458-5131 ext. 117