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Meet our New Soil Conservationist

 As a new employee to the USDA Natural Resource Conservation Services (NRCS) in Colusa, I am settling into my career and my new community. My family and I are coming from Reno, NV, although my husband spent most of his childhood here in Colusa County and has family here. I was born and raised in Weaverville, and I’m excited to get back to a small town where we can set our roots and become an integral part of our community. Currently, my son plays little league and I manage and coach the Arbuckle Grasshoppers, and we look forward to joining 4-H at the end of next summer with all three of our children.

          I graduated from University of Nevada, Reno, May 2018 with my Master’s in Environmental Science and Health. My thesis focused on the use of biochar as a soil amendment to enhance soil health and fertility as well as crop yield. For my undergraduate, I earned my Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Science with a minor in Business Administration. I have already gained so many valuable experiences in applying what I’ve learned and I look forward to building a career with NRCS where I may continue to build on these experiences and building core connections with the producers of the county to achieve our mission of helping people help our land.

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