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Mendocino Forest Restoration Underway

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The Mendicino Complex Fire of 2018

CCRCD has started the restoration project funded through the CalFire Forest Health grant.  The project work is being lead by a sub-contracted Registered Professional Forester along with project coordination from Rob Rianda of RCD of Tehama County.   Since the execution of the grant contract in April, the team has completed the environmental review process and developed treatment prescriptions for each landowner interested in restoration.  These prescriptions are individualized work plans outlining what needs to be done such as mastication, machine and hand piling, pest management, prescibed burning, thinnning and, of course, replanting.  The ecosystems to be restored include meadows, oak woodlands and forest.  Some of the species planned for replanting in the forested areas are Sugar Pine, Douglas Fir, and Ponderosa Pine.